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PROCESS OF POWDER COATING The materials to be powder coated can be loaded to automatic conveyors directly from truck. They undergo cleaning and chemical pretreatment in a continuous processing tunnel for about 25 minutes approximately. The pretreated products then enter a drying oven, where the moisture is completely removed. The dried products are then powder coated in a specially designed spray booth where electrostatic ally charged pigment and resin particles sprayed in a controlled process for the required thickness. The sprayed process then enter a curing oven, where the powder resin are electrically grounded so the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fused into a solid coating. Dutch Tech uses natural gas sources for drying and curing process and environment friendly chemical for cleaning. The coated products can then be unloaded directly into the truck for dispatch. The unique feature of Dutch Tech is that the above automated process runs 24x7x365. Also we have facilities for online payments and advance scheduling. The customers are informed about the quotation, payment, work status, etc through SMS.
  • Ready for use   
  • Reduction in the fire risk as no solvent required   
  • No costly wastage of solvent  
  • No effluent disposal problems    
  • No air pollution   
  • Reduced health hazard to operators  
Address: Dutch Tech Engineering Pvt. Ltd Kinfra Park. Koratty 680309 Kerala, India
Email: asmtcr@dutchtechgroup.com
Contact No: 00-91-9633010577
Website: www.dutchtechgroup.com
Category: Security Systems
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